We are hiring

We're a small team of seasoned programmers who trade expert development consulting. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. From the inside, Codemancers is a group of people that care for our craft. Develop an OCD for typography, or write performance tools for the kicks? this is the place where you will find your inner geek.

We're a company about people and our team's happiness is our core value. That's why if you join the team, Codemancers will give you these perks in return :

  1. Work remotely 100% of the time if you want to.
  2. Work without managers.
  3. Salary better than the industry average.
  4. Power to change the direction of Codemancers itself.
  5. Macbook Air, books, conference tickets/travel, workshop passes, everything you need to level up.
  6. An unguided culture that's pleasantly different. Read more about it here.


Who we're looking for

We're extremely careful about who we hire, because of the freedom that Codemancers gives to all employees to guide the direction of the company. We look closely at a few qualities that define a good fit:

  1. 4+ years of programming experience in any language.
  2. Willing to pick up new tools and languages.
  3. Strong with fundamentals.
  4. Extremely self motivated.
  5. Commitment to contribute to open source/internal projects.
  6. A kind and helpful nature.

If this is something that interests you, drop an email to - hello@codemancers.com