Below is small list of projects we have worked on in past. If you are interested in learning more about Codemancers, shoot us an email at hello@codemancers.com.

Also don't forget to checkout our Opensource page for our other contributions.


Brightbox is a leading UK based public cloud provider.

  • We built Cloud frontend of Brightbox using Javascript frameworks.
  • The Cloud frontend has very easy to use UI for creating/updating Cloud Servers, Load balancers, Databases etc.
  • It displays all user and cloud activities in realtime using technologies such as Websocket, Eventsource.

Ivrnet Central

Ivrnet Central is a product of Ivrnet Inc, it is a platform for communities and managing Sports Clubs across Canada.

  • Ivrnet Central is built as a collection of modules, which can be configured for different clients. We have modules for different kinds of products, complex user-defined validations, shopping cart, payment processing using Active Merchant, audit trail, invoicing, double-entry book keeping and reporting. The app itself is a multi-tenant application with configurable authorization.
  • Replaces legacy system, previously built in PHP, which is being used by approximately 5 million people.


Knowledge Foundry is one of the leaders in providing analytical solutions. We helped them in building an interactive platform which aids their customers to analyze trends and target end users.

  • Provide intelligent charts for trends across ecommerce product categories in different segments.
  • Interactively build customer segments for trends of interest.
  • Create campaigns and target desired end users (via emails).


Welab is one of the first companies in Hong Kong to provide online money lending services. We worked with them on their flagship product called Welend.

  • Hassle free ways to apply for different loans (minimum steps involved) with better interest rates when compared to HK banks
  • Automated loan application approval system (pulls credit record of the applicant for approving loans)


A web–design discussion tool, bootstrapping a collaborative design product, which makes use of technologies such as – SVG, HTML5 and client side Javascript framework.

  • Design – Create wireframes or simple sketches.
  • Discuss – Annotate or comment on the wireframes, mock ups or sketches right from web interface
  • Decide – Approve/ reject mock ups, and schedule the final story in your project backlog.