Why Codemancers?

We're a small team of experienced developers which takes pride in building web applications that delight end users. We go the extra mile for code quality and well designed and tested software. Why? If there's one thing that we have learned after reading, writing and rewriting millions of lines of code over these years, it's this - how your app looks from the inside matters.

What our clients say

Aananth Solaiyappan Aananth Solaiyappan CO-founder & CTO / Welab & Weinvest

Codemancers is a team of solid engineers & hackers who understand modern development practices and design lead product development, who have successfully worked with couple of my startups. They can be a great partner to startups.

Rafeequl Rahman Rafeequl Rahman VP Engineering / Midtrans

Codemancers have a strong ownership to the projects as they are a self organized team. Codemancers team members are highly skilled people with a smart and nice personality. They are also one of the few organizations that brings a positive influence to my team by keeping pushing best practices into day to day software development. Will definitely be using their service for our future projects.

Kevin Wolff Kevin Wolff CTO / Ivrnet Inc.

The Codemancer team is a self contained dev shop. They do a great job of interpreting requirements, ask appropriate questions at the appropriate time, self manage and deliver. All of this is done using best practices and cutting edge technology.

If what you want to build is important to you, you need an experienced team that can make the
right decisions at the right time. You need developers with battle scars from fighting bad software
and production issues and learned from their mistakes so you don't have to. With our deep
knowledge in Elixir, Rails and React JS, we’re here to help you build your next big app.